Irmo Fire Hit

Who We Are & What We Do

The Irmo Fire Hi-Intensity Team (HIT) is a small group of firefighters within the Irmo Fire District who enjoy a good physical challenge. We participate in firefighter challenges and community events with the aim of improving physical fitness awareness. We strive to motivate fellow firefighters and members of our community to stay healthy and live an active lifestyle. Through example, we display resilience, stamina, dedication & physical strength. We wish to make better known the importance of maintaining good health and fitness.

In addition to raising awareness of physical fitness, we also take to heart some very important ethical charities. Since March of 2008, we have supported charities such as The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, The American Lung Association, Breast Cancer, and Muscular Dystrophy as well as raised monies to assist families of fallen firefighters, and first responders. We have recently done an event for the Kidney Cancer Foundation.

In the photos, clockwise from top left to right; HIT founders Jason Joannides and Scott Dlouhy at the 2009 Scott Firefighter Stair climb in Seattle, WA. Finishing the “Run for the 9” 5K in memorial for the 9 fallen firefighters from Charleston; Our helmets with pictures of the fallen nine, as we ran in honor of them. HIT at the 2008 USMC Mud Run. HIT members Nick Powell and Marc McCorkle after a Breast Cancer 5k in 2011. HIT and other firefighters in Charlotte, NC for 10yr Anniversary of 9/11/2001. HIT in NY Sep. 2012 after Tunnel to Towers 5K.The mission of the Irmo Hi-Intensity Team is to promote physical fitness in the community and in firehouses throughout the world, while raising funds and awareness for ethical charities and people less fortunate. Through physical demonstrations and our genuine desire to help improve the lives of those in need, we hope to inspire others to challenge themselves & give back to a cause close to their hearts.

The Irmo Hi-Intensity Team (HIT) supports a variety of principled charities aimed at improving the lives of people less fortunate. Some of the charities closest to our cause include the families of fallen firefighters and first responders, American Lung Association, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Kidney Foundation and Breast Cancer awareness. All monies collected by the team will be used to support these charities, and or used to support the efforts of the HIT.
A HIT member demonstrates strength, stamina, dedication and compassion on a daily basis.
A HIT member is an athlete. Though perhaps not always the fastest, we will always put forth a tremendous effort.
A HIT member is an exemplary sport and an honorable competitor. We play fair and we play by the rules, sometimes we even make up more rules to challenge ourselves further.
HIT style events include firefighter competitions, charity runs and walks, triathlons, stair climbs, and many more. A HIT event may also be a little less intense as long as it meets our mission, for example donating time to help an honorable charity.
Participation in events and charities with the HIT team is encouraged by all. It is our goal to promote health and physical fitness in the fire service as well as giving back to our community, especially to those less fortunate. We invite firefighters, their families and everyone else to join us in an event.