About Us & Coverage Areas

The Irmo Fire District was founded in 1963, it covers an area of about 28 square miles primarily in Lexington county. All of the Town of Irmo is in the district regardless of wether it's in Lexington or Richland county. From the town limits the district follows the county line down Interstate 26 to the Saluda River. From there it folows the river up to Lake Murray. From the Lake Murray Dam the district follows the shores of the lake to the Richland county line and then follows the county line back to the town limits. The Northlake Station is the primary station for the north end of the district. This area includes the Town of Irmo, parts of Quail Valley, Murraywood, and Coldstream, and all the lake areas. The Headquarters Station covers the rest of Quail Valley, Murraywood, and Coldstream, and extends down Bush River and St Andrews Roads to the interstate, county line, or the river.

The Town of Irmo has expanded to include areas of Broad River Road the extend to Bickely Road. Also included are property in the Dreher Shoals/Farming Creek/Muskrat Road area, Maps of these areas will be included when they become available.

For more information on the Irmo Fire District Coverage area and information on who services your neighborhood please contact Irmo Fire Headquarters.