Patch History

In 2002, Irmo Fire District grew from a one-station department into a two-station department. Due to this new growth, we felt like it was time to update our station patch. A committee was formed to head up this project so that the new patch would reflect not only the mission of the fire district but also the qualities of an Irmo Firefighter. The firefighters and engineers wear the gray patch and the officers wear the gold patch.
This patch includes some of the following details:

The color gray represents Victory.
The color red represents Courage.

The four principles of Integrity, Courage, Loyalty & Honor comes from the eight obligations of the knights “Cross of Calvary” which was later called the “Maltese Cross”

The purple front on the helmet is from the high recognition of the expensive and honorable color which St. Florian wore in battle.

9-11-01 Represents the fallen brothers past, present and future.