Inside Irmo Fire District

Lockout Assistance

Emergency Lockout or Lockin

Lockout Assistance in an Emergency Only

The Irmo Fire District will assist you in the case of an emergency with lockout or lock-in assistance.  If someone’s life is in danger, or there is a real risk to the communities health and well being, we will be able to assist you getting into your vehicle/residence.  To request lockout assistance, please contact us at (803) 798-4979

More IFD Services

Reflective Address Markers

Finding an address can be difficult in perfect, crystal clear conditions…add a layer of darkness and it ramps the difficulty up ten-fold. Help us see your house numbers better at night with these blue, highly reflective address markers.

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Car Seat Checks

Ensuring the safety of our youngest and most vulnerable population is important to the Irmo Fire District. The IFD provides free car seat checks and is an official fitting station.

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Smoke Alarm Request

Irmo Fire District wants to ensure you and your family remain safe in the event of a fire. If you don’t have working smoke alarms you can request one by filling out the smoke alarm request form.

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