Inside Irmo Fire District

Response Statistics

2021 Incidents

Total Runs: 5043

Irmo Fire District operates three stations containing various state-of-the-art apparatus meeting the needs of the community.  The district responded to over 5,000 calls for service in 2021 and the needs of the community are ever increasing.  The Officers and Members of the Irmo Fire District work incredibly hard mitigating these emergencies in addition to their many other duties.

Total Responses by Station/Division

2305 Responses

860 Responses

1824 Responses

54 Responses

Major Incident Responses


Building Fires


Auto Extrications


Technical Rescues

Runs Per Unit

1494 Responses

1439 Responses

794 Responses

505 Responses

Floating Reserve Engine 173: 510 Responses
Boat 117: 5 Responses